Xerkit empowers car owners to avoid car theft and car heat problem by making their car secure and controllable using their phone.

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    Product Features

    Anti-Theft System

    SmartRide comes with a Smart Alarm system that automatically warn your phone when an unauthorized person tries to gain access of your car.

    Remote Engine Start

    Want to pre-heat your engine for a smoother ride? Using your phone, now you can remotely start your car’s engine!

    Remote Cooling

    Remove the hassle of hot air and waiting for your car to cooldown! With SmartRide, you can remotely turn on your car’s engine and cooling so that you will have a chill ride.

    Smart Lock / Unlock

    Keyless entry and much more! Remotely control your car’s locks. You just walk in near your car and your car unlocks. Go far, and your car locks!

    Car Temperature Sensing

    SmartRide also detects the real-time temperature of your car. With smart sensing, you will be notified if your car is good to enter and warn you if its burning hot!

    Easy Car Search

    Hassle finding your car in vast parking area? You can now easily find your car with Beacon Sound Technology using SmartRide.

    Smart Keyfob

    Remotely control your car’s locks. You just walk in near your car and your car unlocks. Go far, and your car locks!

    On-demand Xerkit Assist

    Enjoy the free life-time access on our on-demand car services. With Xerkit Assist, you can easily search and book for car services with just a click of a button.

    GPS Upgrade Ready

    This is an add-on product. This will let you know where your car is in real time! Be stress-free of car theft, and locate your car anywhere in the world!

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    happy customers

    • Xerkit SmartRide has breath new life to my old Vios 2008 Car. I was able to do functions and features (and more!) that only high end top of the line cars are able to do. I am amazed with the convenience it has offered me. Totally worth it!
      -Merben Maglipac,
    • Xerkit SmartRide has helped a lot in ensuring that my car is secured. I was able to monitor my car’s status anytime. The product has given me peace of mind and convenience.
      -Coco Vega, Entrepreneur
    • Even tho I have a top of the line car, I still felt that there’s something missing in terms of its functionality. When I come across Xerkit’s product – I was immediately awestruck with the cool and helpful features it offers. After installing, I immediately felt the luxury of convenience I think I have always deserved. Thanks Xerkit!
      -Rexaniel Saburnido,