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With Xerkit Technology:
✅ You can remotely start the engine and remotely cool your car.
✅ You can monitor your car’s temperature and door status in real-time.
✅ You can easily search your car.
✅ You can remotely lock or unlock your car
✅ With its keyless entry technology, you can automatically lock your car when you are far away and unlock when you are near even if your phone is in your pocket.
✅ It also comes with Advanced Anti-Theft System. Your car will alarm and your phone will be notified if someone tries to steal your car.
✅ A Life-time Priority Access to On-demand Xerkit Assist (Car Wash, Battery and Tire Services)
✅ Package also Includes 2 Smart KeyFobs or Controllers
✅ Lastly, it is GPS UPGRADE READY

Control Your Car Using Your Phone with Xerkit SmartRide now!

Build Your Xerkit System

Customize a Viper system that is perfect for your vehicle, and send your exact configuration directly to an Authorized Viper Dealer!

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